is a next generation safety service provided for you and your loved ones to feel safer.

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What is Beesafe Original?

BeeSafe Original is a mobile safety app, which will automatically call for help if you get in danger.
BeeSafe is periodicaly checking if you are safe. Your contacts are notified in case of danger via SMS, email and BeeSafe app messages. Notifications contain only information necessary to help you.


GPS accuracy

Increased GPS accuracy will report your position with a high precision. Recommended for tourists, hitch-hikers and people who work or live in rural/mountain areas and areas with low GSM signal coverage. The GPS positioning will automatically adjust according to user's activity.

Senior mode

Offers automatic call for help in case of user's sudden fall. A loud alarm feature will notify people in the surroundings of a victim (in case of their unconsciousness). Create your own security groups and make sure that your loved ones are safe.

Quick help

Your friends and relatives will get information about your status with map and real time position. All they need is a smartphone with browser and internet connection. We don't provide any information about you if you are not in danger.

Parent mode

Accompany your child on their way home. Watch their position in real-time and help your child in case of emergency. Create your own security groups and make sure that your children arrive home safely.

Active prevention

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Safety analysis

Beesafe collects the data about past incidents and allows to develop a complex safety analysis. It is based on real data and helps pinpoint the most dangerous times and places, or provide other required outputs.

Effective crime prevention

The collected data help optimise crime prevention mechanisms and increase the safety of citizens in public spaces. This way, the police and municipalities alike can focus their activities where it is most necessary.

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Respecting the user’s privacy

BeeSafe does not relay any personal information unless the user is in danger. Only during an emergency, it temporarily supplies details necessary for a quick location and subsequent rescue of the user.

Complete user control

The user has complete control over with whom to share their personal information in case of emergency. Details about the user’s current location are only sent to selected friends and a local police department.

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