protects your employees working in the field and in secluded workplaces.

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What is BeeSafe Corporate?

BeeSafe Corporate is an intelligent mobile platform which ensures monitoring of employees’ personal safety while they are working. It anticipates crisis situations, thus efficiently increasing the safety of your employees both in the workplace and in the field. It automatically or manually detects a danger, localises the endangered person and calls for help.


Simple integration

It provides great cooperation with the already integrated corporate systems, software solutions and devices. BeeSafe uses standard open protocols to communicate which allows simple integration with, for example, shift planners.

Emergency helpdesk

The central panel is accessible from any device with a web browser. It allows communication during the state of emergency and provides analytical and statistical information, including usage overviews and a register of dangerous zones.

Automatic call for help

BS monitors employee’s activity via a smartphone, intelligent watch or a specialized walkie-talkie. If needed, it sends the basic information on location, time and the person it has assessed to be in danger, thus automatically calling for help. This also happens in a situation where the person in danger is not able to call for help by themselves.

Communication tool

One-click communication”. An interface for text messages and audio/video transmission allows emergency communication among the employees, groups of employees and the helpdesk.

Assistance in fulfilling the legislation

Beesafe is a functional tool which helps an employer in a practical way to fulfill the legislation.
It assists significantly in inspecting and complying with OHS rules/standards set in the Act No. 124/2006.


Service to managers

A safe work environment is key to the effective functioning of any society.
BeeSafe Corporate platform is a complex solution for managers who look for a way to increase the safety of the employees they are responsible for in the workplace.


Protection and prevention for employees

Apart from the intelligent prevention and increased employee safety, BeeSafe Corporate also offers an automatic or reactive call for help to the employees in distress.


BeeSafe comes as a pre-configured web interface and provides additional user rights configuration. The web interface is responsive and accessible from different types of devices. The security application is customized based on client business processes and customer requirements are implemented before the platform is launched.


BeeSafe platform is composed of

Central situation monitoring

Display the individual active users on a map using a well-arranged electronic noticeboard with a map, in which you can work in full extent with all the functions of BeeSafe system.


Information within reach

An automatic message in case of an emergency is sent in the form of an email or a text. It contains a map with the current location, state and a possibility of chat with the endangered person, if the danger allows them to do so.


Administration and working with groups

A possibility of well-arranged administration of whole groups of application users.
It is possible to create the groups tailored to client’s specific needs, thus ensuring the most efficient use of BeeSafe platform as is possible.




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We provide exclusively a tailor-made implementation of the system

The experience has taught us that, as far as the safety is concerned, the system must always be unique depending on your corporate processes.

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