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Together for a safer city

Security in the city really matters, that's why we turn to the people who live in it. Our security platform works by interacting with those who know the city the best - its inhabitants.
Do you know in which part of your city you need to increase alertness? Or do you know a place which is better to avoid? Tell us about it and give it an incentive to improve self-government.

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The Benefit for the City

Beesafe - Safe city is a simple tool for an active communication of the citizens towards the city council and police. It represents an innovation solution, which can make the work of police more effective and helps the city council to execute the correct measures. The outcome is a map of a safe city.

Map of a Safe City

The result of BeeSafe - Safe City is, mainly due to the active participation of the inhabitants, The Map of a Safe City.
Thanks to this map, the city council is able to determine when and where they are experiencing the danger as well as what is the nature of the danger. Using this analysis, both the city council as well as the police are able to execute concrete steps and measures for limiting or complete removal of these areas.

Mapa Beesafe

The execution of the project

Beesafe - Safe City is a preventive data collection tool to identify areas where people do not feel safe. It gives the city council and police all the necessary information and documentation, that can help them to create a safer city.

The implementation of the platform is divided into the following points:
  • Information and education campaign
  • In order for the city council and police to obtain a relevant picture of the city's situation, it is necessary to properly inform the citizens and visitors of the city and invite them to participate actively in the project. Together, they will contribute to a process of creating a safer city for life.

  • Collecting data from citizens
  • In the second part of the project, BeeSafe collects data from citizens who are actively using BeeSafe's mobile application to accurately mark places where they did not feel safe.

  • Map of a Safe City
  • In the final part of the project, BeeSafe evaluates the obtained data and prepares the Safe City Map.

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