BeeSafe protects your employees working in field and operating in unsafe environments.

What is BeeSafe Corporate?

BeeSafe is a powerful safety platform that facilitates monitoring of the personal safety of employees. It predicts possible emergency situations and helps to improve the safety of work environment. Using our platform you can prevent accidents that could happen, thus save a lot of resources and money.

Automatic call for help

BeeSafe monitors the user’s activity through a smartphone, smartwatch, or a specialized satellite device. In case of danger, it issues an automatic call for help even if the victim is incapacitated.

Simple integration

BeeSafe effortlessly integrates with the existing corporate environments, software solutions, and hardware devices. BeeSafe uses standard open protocols, which ensures seamless adaptation.

Emergency help desk

The central panel is accessible through any device equipped with a web browser. It handles emergency communication and provides analytical and statistical information, including usage overviews and the register of dangerous zones.

Communication Tool

One-click communication. The messaging interface, together with the audio/video extension, enables effective emergency communication between individual employees, groups of employees, and the help desk.


BeeSafe ships as a pre-configured environment is equipped with a web interface and allows for further configuration of user permissions. The safety app is modified to fit the client’s business environment and any further changes are implemented before the launch.

System for activity monitoring

Activity monitoring
BeeSafe monitors activities based on their location, time, or the employee occupation, and provides information about pre-scheduled work activities and the time of potential danger.

Optimisation of processes
The system adapts to the existing work schedule, which simplifies the integration with the company’s management processes and opens up a way for further process analyses and development.
Active use of the BeeSafe app produces a dynamic map of security incidents and dangerous zones, making it a powerful tool for avoiding further safety risks.

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