Your personal safety platform.

Why BeeSafe?

BeeSafe is a personal and corporate safety platform which provides safety monitoring of individuals and corporate employees. Using a smartphone, smart watch, customised radio device or a setellite device, BeeSafe monitors the user's activity and issues an automatic call for help - it even facilitates the communication between the victim and the rescuers.

It is a uniquely flexible safety platform, able to fit needs of a widest array of diverse clients while respecting their rights and privacy.

BeeSafe Original

BeeSafe is available as a mobile safety app for iOS and Android devices. The app will make sure that you and your loved ones are safe. How? BeeSafe monitors user's activity using their mobile device - smartphone or smartwatch - and automatically calls for help in case of emergency.

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BeeSafe Corporate

BeeSafe is primarily focused on automatic call for help in case of an emergency. It also offers a fast corporate communication with employees and increases safety of people at work. We recommend this solution for employees working alone and those who can't call for help themselves.

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BeeSafe City

BeeSafe is an intelligent solution for improving personal safety in public spaces. It can automatically call for help in case of danger and collects useful statistical data that allow municipalities effectively tackle the problem of violent crime.

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Our team

We are perspective team of creative and positive thinking people. Our effort is to make the world a better place thanks to our safety platform - BeeSafe.

If you are interested in helping the world, you can become a part of our team - simply send us a message. You will have chance to work with us on many Slovak and international projects that will kickstart your career!

Juraj Tabaček

It is quite sympathetic, in this time and age, to encounter people who can think. This alone, however, does not mean you can feel safe with them. In a critical situation, every second matters…

Lujza Bubánová

There is nothing more important to any of us than feeling safe. Since I often travel on my own, I am no stranger to being afraid. When things go south, BeeSafe gives my close ones a chance to come to my rescue.

Michal Chabada

It’s been a while since I became familiar with the BeeSafe app and I like the idea of helping people in need. BeeSafe can prove to be useful to anyone who travels a lot, or anyone who wants to keep track of their loved ones’ safety. Ideally, you will never have to use it. If, however, you will find yourself in danger, you will appreciate having it in your phone.

Helen Pan

BeeSafe helps me shape my opinion about personal safety and be more cautious when I’m alone. With BeeSafe I don’t have to be afraid of walking back home on my own anymore.

Majo Lemo

I am a big fan of people who came to this world in order to leave something behind and do something for others. BeeSafe can save human lives, is there anything more important?

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