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BeeSafe City Safety

BeeSafe is your personal bodyguard mobile application. The mobile emergency app is available for Android and iOS devices. BeeSafe is connected with platform for metropolitan police enabling them to act and quickly provide help if needed. Metropolitan police is provided with a security panel interface.


In Piestany we welcome it as an innovative project which is helping in building a smart city.

Mayor of Piestany



How does the application work?

BeeSafe automatically calls for help in the case of danger and notifies contacts and metropolitan police. Notification contains information about user and their location. Information included in notification is sent straightaway to  the contacts and metropolitan police with full respect to user’s privacy. In fact, the notification is sent only in the case of danger via sms, email and also through the app itself.



BeeSafe provides safety interface for metropolitan police. This safety interface consists of three main parts: list of users (name, phone number and status), a map with locations of users and additional information, that could help to save the user. System prevents anonymous calls for help, each user has registered phone number enabling metropolitan police callback and later identification if needed.




Main advantages of BeeSafe emergency app

Compared with other safety systems, BeeSafe provides unique advantages such as:

First: Automatic call for help, which is the main feature of BeeSafe system . This means, user doesn’t have to push any sos button to call for help.

Second: there is a connection to metropolitan police and/or security service side by side with friends and relatives as safety contacts. In terms of credibility and trust, metropolitan police, with their professional service and equipment, bring possibly provided help to completely another level.

Third: users privacy protection. We are not providing any user’s information to the third subject until something has happened. In case of danger, we only provide the subjects selected by the user with information necessary to help them.

Fourth: we provide the metropolitan police and cities with safety analysis from our system on periodical basis. We can evaluate danger zones by day, time and also other categories, helping cities to optimise metropolitan police processes and general security in their district.


BeeSafe story about safety


Using BeeSafe is really simple. You can download the app for free and register. After the registration, user can add their own contacts and there is a contact to the metropolitan police too. The police will be notified in case of danger. When user leaves home, still out of harm’s way, they set the timer and start it. During the journey, the timer will count down and before running out, there is vibration and sound alert requesting user’s attention. User confirms the safe status by resetting the timer. This process is repeated until the user successfully arrives and stops the timer. If he fails to respond, BeeSafe calls for help automatically.


No more incidents with BeeSafe emergency app.


 The importance of life and health

To illustrate, 350 mil. recorded rape incidents happen worldwide every year. There is no difference in Europe, for example Slovakia. In Slovakia, recently, there has been a case of a woman raped in a park situated in mid-sized town Prievidza. In addition, rape is only one part of the violence. A 23-year-old boy has been beaten to death in nearby small village Vrbové. Life and health are our most important values.

We could prevent these types of incidents. We believe, that using modern technology for safety purposes makes perfect sense, especially when usage is as simple as using BeeSafe app.