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BeeSafe Corporate platform

We would like to introduce you to BeeSafe Corporate – safety platform for employees, primarily focused on automatic call for help in case of emergency. An example of emergency is any case of threat during work, when worker alone is unable to call for help. BeeSafe brings possibility of clear and rapid corporate communication with workers and a safe workplace environment. Plumbers, technicians, chemists or solitary workers in the field can use BeeSafe to increase their sah on the workplace.

The goal of Beesafe platform is to bring simple solutions directly increasing safety during the work process, monitoring, activity surveillance and unified communication in case of an alert. Safety process automatization decreases operating costs. From a long-term point of view, active prevention eliminates expenses associated with work injuries, worker treatment and negative occupational accident publicity.

BeeSafe monitors user activity via smartphone or smartwatch and calls for help automatically if necessary. Integration with already existing systems, software solutions and hardware devices used in already existing corporation is available too. Central panel BeeSafe Corporate provides activity monitoring of individual workers. It keeps track of their location and condition, including option of bidirectional communication. It is a system for emergency helpdesk, simply accessible web platform, available on ordinary computers but also specific devices equipped with an internet browser.

BeeSafe at the workplace

What is the BeeSafe Corporate platform about?

BeeSafe’s primary function is to call for help automatically, using smartphone, smartwatch or other specific device. Based on the activity monitoring, an alert is automatically activated in case of emergency. A notification containing information about the victim, their location and incident timeline, is sent to predefined contacts. It is also shown on the central BeeSafe Corporate panel. BeeSafe will send the alert notification to the user’s predefined contacts and superiors even if the victim cannot call for help themselves.

The BeeSafe app offers two-way communication system. It is easily controlled by smart buttons for accelerated communication and possible audio/video extensions between the users and the central panel. The communication is characterized by simplicity and fast access to predefined text messages. In addition, the messages can be sent between user and the central panel by single click of a button. Group messages associated with the certain incident are included and linked with predefined system messages between all users and helpdesk operators on the central panel.

Worker in a safe workplace environment

Reports and monitoring activities

BeeSafe is provided as a preconfigured environment with web interface, with additional configuration of access rights of individual users. Web interface is responsive and available on various devices. Safety app is modified based on the client’s processes and customer’s requirements are implemented before the platform initiation.

For instance, BeeSafe platform allows realization of corporate activity monitoring based on location, time and activity. The system provides reports about users’ behavior and predefined activities. Quick options in the app and timeline are very effective way for the integration of control systems and for other process analysis and its development. In fact, these mentioned advantages are transforming BeeSafe platform from security and communication platform into a monitoring platform as well.


Methods of creating a safe workplace environment

The BeeSafe platform can be connected with an intelligent button called Flic, using the Bluetooth technology. This button is a rapid responder and is able to call for help by a single click of a button. Flic can be specifically useful to field workers who work alone and are not able to call for help themselves. The button is attached to the clothes of a worker and it can be pressed to call for help in case of emergency. The method of pressing the button is adjustable and there are three methods of communication with the BeeSafe system. The Flic button creates a safe workplace environment and it can save lives too.

BeeSafe provides summary information about individual incidents’ progress and monitored activities. This information is in both real time and history timeline mode. It includes possible extensions for browsing and filtering based on the user needs. According to the gathered data, it is possible to analyze the behavior of users, extend security zones and overall active approach to security precautions within a company. Al with a long-term target of decreasing the number of security incidents.